The manner in which you walk and existing foot problems as simple as bunions or flat feet, can cause knee pain and even headaches. These types of problems begin by improper forces established at the feet and translate upwards throughout the body. Fortunately, they can be managed with these corrective foot devices made from foam casting and state of the art computerized gait scans. Custom-Made Orthotics are a medical necessity for many people and should be worn on a regular basis to alleviate several symptoms in, but not limited to, the foot, hip and low back.


Logistics: An initial intake form will be emailed to you at the time of booking.  This must be filled out prior to your appointment.

*If you are claiming your orthotics through your extended health benefits plan, please ensure your paperwork is correct. You may require a prescription from your Medical Doctor prior to your Orthotics Assessment. This information is only privy to you and you should contact your company to find out details. If this is not done correctly before your assessment, you may not be reimbursed by your insurance company*

Your First Visit

Your first visit to our clinic will be informative, relaxing and comfortable.

You will be introduced to the doctor who will conduct a thorough history and orthopaedic examination based on your health concerns. A state of the art computerized gait scan will indicate problematic areas using both static and dynamic tests. In addition, your foot may be casted in foam to give further physical information to properly create a comfortable orthotic. After the doctor’s assessment, if required, x-rays will be taken at our office to check for proper leg lengths. Three out of four people have some form of inequality that can easily be corrected with proper use of heel lifts made into the orthotic. If you are interested in seeking additional treatment for your health concerns, treatment may begin at this time, or a follow up appointment may then be scheduled to review the x-rays as your report of findings.

You may choose your style/type of orthotic and/or shoe or boot as an option. If no further treatment is desired or recommended, you will be called when your orthotics are ready.

This visit usually takes 30 – 40 minutes.

What to bring?

You are welcome to bring a friend or family member. Be sure to bring in a sample of your everyday shoes for work, pleasure or play. If you have any orthotics that were previously worn, please bring them in as well.

Second Visit: The report of findings (X-ray consultation)

During your second visit, the doctor will explain to you in detail, findings from the physical exam and x-ray results. If the doctor feels that he can help you with your health concerns, he will recommend a treatment program in addition to your orthotics. Once the specific treatment has been explained, your first treatment will be performed. At the end of the visit, our friendly staff will help you work out a schedule of recommended visits with you. Otherwise, you will be called as soon as your new orthotics have been received.

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