What Our Clients Are Saying

  • The chiropractor at In GoodHands has worked with the Brampton Battalion for the past 3 years, and in that time he has helped teammates and myself with all kinds of minor and major sports related injuries. His knowledge and experience with athletes and patience is second to none. He demonstrates both professionalism and understanding to each individuals situation and gets them up competing again at their highest level. Not only is he great at what he does but he is one of the nicest guys I have met and he generally cares for each of his patients.

    Bryan P.

  • I (Melissa) came to the In GoodHands clinic with severe lower back pain stemming from years of competitive gymnastics. I had previously had a positive experience with chiropractic in my youth however, upon my first practitioner leaving the country to practice elsewhere, I had experienced some extremely negative results with others. Although I was very hesitant to give chiropractic another try I had much too much pain to let things go for any longer and did not want to proceed with the traditional medical “solutions” I had been given. It is now a few years since I began with In GoodHands, I have been through car accidents and other traumas over the years, and I still have no back pain.

    Melissa and Derek T.

  • I’ve been going to In GoodHands Wellness for almost a year after being referred to them and have had a great experience. They’re very friendly and accommodating and have great systems in place for exceptional treatment. I’m very pleased with the results I’ve gotten from them.

    Kyle J.

  • I’ve had a great experience with everyone at ‘In GoodHands’. I got hurt at work and had a WSIB claim and it was processed within 2 days. There’s always a friendly smile greeting you with exceptional care and knowledge about chiropractic care.

    Ajeetpal S. K.

  • My family has known the chiropractor at In GoodHands for over 6 years as he has cared for my children Robert and Carley over that time. Whether it is at the clinic, at the hockey rink, or even doing emergency visits after receiving hysterical phone calls, he acts calmly, professionally and with great care.

    Denise M.

  • We’ve been going to In GoodHands for several years now. Our whole family is in a maintenance program. Because of our continuance in this program there has positive results from affecting all parts of our life. It’s a facility we have and will continue to refer to our friends and family.

    Kelly S.

  • After years of working with the same chiropractor for his sciatica problem and still experiencing debilitating pain that would put him off work, Derek decided it was time to try something different. Different is exactly what he got. After his X-rays, thermal scan, and information package, he realized part of what he was previously missing. It was about three months into working with Dr. Eto and Dr. Mitha when we realized Derek hadn’t missed hockey in weeks, he hadn’t complained about his back after working all day, and it didn’t bother him to sit in the car for more than ten minutes anymore. It has now been over a year and his “flare-ups” are now minor discomforts.

    Melissa and Derek T.

  • Before I found In GoodHands I had a really bad experience with a physio clinic so although I was in a lot of pain, I was still very hesitant about giving rehabilitation another try. But right from the get go it was a positive experience. The staff here are so friendly. From Krista who is always there to greet me with a smile and some chit chat to Dr. Mitha who is genuinely concerned for my health wellbeing and makes sure I always understand why and how things are happening and progressing. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Lisa C.

  • Two months ago I injured my neck and right shoulder on the job. I was in a lot of pain and felt hopeless because the medicine and therapy that i was receiving at the time were not doing me any good. Fortunately, I came across ‘In GoodHands’ clinic; I just walked in, explained my condition and they started taking care of me the very next day. Now, I am on my way to a full recovery thank you in GoodHands.

    Morena S.

  • We, including my 3 children, have been in ‘In GoodHands’ overall care for almost 13 years now from chiropractic to naturopathic to massage therapy. We love everybody’s professionalism, expert knowledge and friendliness, and appreciate the honest and sincere attention and care we receive.

    Bill H.

  • I have never felt better since getting treatments at the clinic. Even after a recent fall, my recovery was very quick.

    Kelly C.

  • Everytime I come in to In GoodHands, I can always count on getting back in to top form so that I can pitch at peak performance, even on three days rest!

    Dawn R.

  • Everytime I come in to In GoodHands, I can always count on getting back in to top form so that I can pitch at peak performance, even on three days rest!

    Dan M.

  • Since starting with in GoodHands, I have had a significant decrease in the number of headaches I have. This is amazing since they used to be daily. Life is so much easier and pain free without them.

    Sue L.

  • I love in GoodHands! I’m night and day better from when i started coming, the staff are warm and welcoming, and the doctors are extremely knowledgeable and really go the extra mile to make sure you feel better.

    Vir S.

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